Watch Out, New England, he Vortex Is Coming

The Daily Mail, whose correspondent tend to read the meters, reports the Polar Vortex that has plagued New England and the Northern Tieer of States is coming back and will keep the afflicted areas in the deep freeze for several months on end this winter.

There’s no point in my adding another verse to a 30 year long song, so click on over and check it out. Particularly the projected temperature map, whee blue means tet the get the electric mattress pad and electric blanket ready for you to crawl between and quit shivering.

Ror those curious, the Danish Center for Ocean and Ice pegs mean Arctic air temperature at 260K, -13C, or 8F, after a massive outflow of brutally cold Arctic air, replaced by warm temperate zone air rushed in to replace the cold outflow.

Arctic se ice extant has beaten Al Gore’s full winter forecast by 9,402,000 square kilometers – with almost fpir ,pmtjs left until the historical winter ice maximum.

Amd foma;;u. the scientists estimate we have between 8 and 12 years before the current climate minimum hits its extended temperature minimum, which should last 70 to 80 years befpre we get tp 1820s winter temperatures and length of growing season.


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