Washington, The Cost Of Gun Control

The next State in our “Cost of Gun Control” series is the “Evergreen State,” the State of Washington.

Before gun control reared its ugly head, the Evergreen State had admirably low crime rates, with 1960 seeing a population of 2,521,000.

At one time, Washington had a reputation as a port of entry for bootleggers, but despite that the well armed Washingtoninas kept crime at a very low level, considering the State’s
2,853,000 residents reported only 1,616 violent crimes, including just 61 murders to the FBI. Many of those crimes were linked to smuggling and alcohol related crimes.

IWith that, we have a few “fine print” items to take care of before we go to the numbers. The first item on that list is a link to the official FBI data so you can check the facts for yourself.

So, bBeginning with your ability to verify the numbers mentioned here. You can either consult the FBI Uniform Crme Reports, The convenient website linked here will do that job This convenient spreadsheet maintained by the Disaster Center.

For those who are not familiar with this series, The primary purposes of this series is to first, to raise the overall cost of gun control in lives lost, personal and property damage, extra security, prisons, and so on. The secondary purpose is to establish as many points of identity between gun control legislation in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.

At present, we have determined enough points of similarity to establish the probability that the perceived pattern of a sharp increase in crime and violence following a gun control campaign or law is greater than 15*10^870 a number far beyond human experience.

Moving on to some specifics about Washington State…

Economically,Washington , with a mix transportaton and agriculture, as well as a major source of forest products, Washington is doing comparatively well. The Evergreen State was 10th in the 2014 survey, with a mean family income of $64,200 a year. With comparatively high employment rates most residents are reasonbly secure.

Demographically, y,Washington ‘s population consists of 95.2 % low crime poppulation groups, and 4.8% higher crime population groups. So long as the job situation remainsss stable, the crime situation whould remain fairly stable.

From that, it would appear Washingtn is well situation to have a very low set of crime rates. Wile in many restpcts the Evergreen State does, it still has serous problems, partiuclrly in that Bloomberg and other gun banners are spending much money on restrictive gun laws that have histrically driven up crime rates. We will take that up again after some numbers, but for the moment.

Washington’s gun laws have not reached the Draconian state, but they are bad enough. While the State does not impose a purchasers tax in the form of a permit to purchase, they do maintain a handgun registry; LTC’s or CCW’s, are required for handgun concealed, carry, Open carry is permitted. “NFA Weapons” are restricted, background cchecks are required on all parties to gun transfers, and weirdlly enouigh in this more enlightened time, Washington has no Castle Doctrin or StandYour Ground laws. If you are assaulted and used deadly force to sssave your life, you are on your own.

So while Washington has much going for it, it also has a pile of crime supporting negatives, and according to report Bloomberg is planning on going all the way.

With that t , it is time to see how all this affects the Evergreen State’s crime rates. We do need to touch base on two items, the first being the sharp increas in gun criminal use of firearms during gun ban campaigns.

In 1960, Washington’s Law Enforcement agencies . LEA’s,
reported a total of 81 murders. Og yhodr 35 or 43.3% were gyb rekated homicides. Tjat reate re,oamod om the 42 to 55 percent area until the entertianment industry’s gun control drive beginning very late in 1963.

In 206 Washington Lea’s 195 homicides to the FBI, with 127 or 65.12 percent firearms related.

y convenient spreadsheet maintained by the Disaster Center.

Before we begin, let me point out that small populations, Wassshingtonhad only about 380,000 residents in 1960 means spikes in the crime rates due to “random statistical variation.” Wassshingtonis a fine example of that, as you will soon see.

1960 saw Washington LEA’s reported just 1,616 violent crimes for a volent crime rate of 56.6 violent cirmes per 100,000 population. At that time,Washington ‘s violent crime rates were comparable to those of the 1880’s.

1962: The entertainment industry, was faced wtih the possibility of being forced to resshoot or scrap programming “already in the can” and generating revenue from reruns Faced with a minimum cost of $50,000,000 for a reshoot, and financial disaster if they were forced to show those films overseas, the industry searched for a diversion.

1964, the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, saw the Lone Star State’s LEA’s reporte d a total of 2,064 vuikebt crunes ti tge FBI.

1968: the fifth full year of Hollywood’s gun ban c. mpaign and a half hundred State and local laws to “Do what Congress will not” ad driven the violent crime to total to 6,970 violent crimes to the FBI for a violent crime rate of 212.8 per 100,000 population.

Congress did act in 1968, imposing the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, which put gun gun and ammunition purchaser registration into effect for the first time, and initiated other restrictions, including banning mail order firearms purchases. GCA’68 was in effect only a few days that year.

1969, the first full year of Federal gun control on top of State and local laws, Waashington LEA’s reported a tots; pg 8,243 violent crimes reported, for a rate of 243.3 per 100,000 population.

1973. th fifth full year of Federal gun control,Washington ‘s LEA’s reported a total of 9,3303 violent crimes to the FBI.

Violent crime totals continued to rise, reaching a total of 27,454 in 1992 , at the peak of Handgun control, Inc’s “Assault Weapons Ban.” Faced with the realization HCI and other gun control groups were, and are, out for an absolute ban on guns, Washintonians began buying the defensive weapons, includng the Sport Utility Rifles that were in fact banned in 1993, as well as handguns.

While the resul of the change in gun buying habits elsewhere, where a few thugs were shot and crime became unpopular, Washington was hit with aa case of gun ban fever in its major cities. Seattle is a prime case in point, since it has taxed gun purchases and virtually moved an entire class of retailers out of town.
Until 2013, when a new slowly declined In the Evergreen State, reaching a low of slowly declining. After Bloomberg opened a branch of “Everytown against guns” in the state waaho only been able to keep violent crime rates to a small loss, and the increase in homicide to approximately 5%.

As you can see from the chart above, Waashington’s crime rates rise and fall in lockstep those of the other 49 States.
With this 48th State’s costs crime details posted, the probablity of that happening by chance are quite remote, on the order of 1 in 15*110^830, a numer online caluclators choke on and that would try the patience of the most determined were it printed out if full. Given that, the possibility that ten categories of crime rose and fell in locstep by chance is essentially infiinite, too large to be printed, much less considered.

Obviously, Gun controls, first the entertainment industry’s mail order gun ban campaign, Handgun Control Inc.’s “Assault Weapons Band” campaign, and the present “Everytown” campaign whose results are documented in the red bars on the right side of the chart, have raised Vermont’s violent and property crime rates far above the levels documented on the left side of the chart.

We will retrun to the subject of the cost of gun control momentarily, but first let’s look what gun control both campaigns and laws do to murder rates.

As you can see, Washington has been subject to outbreaks of violence resulting from “turf wars” that cause temporary spikes in the homicide rate. Otherwise, Washington’s homicide rate is much like Homer’s description of Agamemnon’s daughters, “Alike, but different.”

there is the there is the restrictive gun law or gun control campaign, and followed by a sharp increase in crime. How much crime is increased depends primaarily on the level of enforcment, and just how restrictive a gun control law is,demonstrating that the cause is embedded in our nature.

Clearly then, the Evergreen State has paid a terrible price for gun controls. Laws they never wanted, have no need for, and generally do nto want.

How much?

I cannot calculate the real cost of excess murders or the cost of thousands of man years in prison on counterproductive gun charges, the cost of grief, loneliness,the cost of being orphaned, the cost of a disability, of lost wages, or the many other costs inherent in any factor that causes a sharp rise in criminal violence.

I can consider the cost of an each excess homicide at the median cost of a wrongful death settlement at $2,200,000; the cost of medical care for each shooting victim, the cost of of nursing care for those disabled, the cost of goods destroyed, damaged,or stolen, the cost of extra store and transportation security, law enforcement, and prisons.

For those items that I can put a price on, Washington’s State and Federal gun laws, combined wtih the entertainment industry’s gun ban campaign, the “Assault Weapons Ban” and the current gun ban campaign, The State of Washington has paid more than one hundred sixty Billion dollars, $160,000,000,000.

Obviously, that is a terrible price to pay for laws that did harm instead of good, that were unwanted, unnecessary, and counterproductive.

Congress cannot bring the murdered back to life, repair a bullet shattered spine, console a widow, restore a parent to an orphan, restore life savings stolen because gun control convinced a young man and his buddy that crime was a safe way to make a living.

But Congress can and should preempt all State and local gun laws, capping permitting no restrictions more sever than the current Federal laws. Over the short run such an action would save thousands of lives, an enormous amount of misery, and in the longer run, many trillions in expense.

America has more than a half century of unnecessary grief and danger and expense. It is time to stop it.


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    Hi Bill. Yes, I have but the standard format data I need is in short supply. I do have another comparison between UK and US crime rates as soon as I get through with the Cost of Gun Control series, and sum it up with the U.S.post. And I will dig, and see what I can come up with. t one of the European contributors may be able to help with that.

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