Washington State: “The Power To Tax Is The Power To Destroy”

House Bill 1387, currently before the Washington State Legislature’s House Ways and Means Committee, would put ammia; tax pm Sport Utility Rifles such as the popular AR-115 and variants.

Briefly quoting the NRA’s Instituted for Legislative Action report linked above:

House Bill 1387 would impose an annual registration and licensing system on the most popular and commonly owned semi-automatic firearms sold today by classifying them as “assault weapons.” In addition, it would prohibit the sale and transfer of standard capacity ammunition magazines labeling them as “large-capacity magazines.” The transfer and sale of these firearms and magazines would be prohibited to anyone other than a federally licensed firearms dealer, a gunsmith or to law enforcement for destruction.

The bill is a product of Bloomberg’s propaganda mills, and uses the spartan styling of those rifles to demonize them, despite the fact they are rarely used to facilitate any crime. The success of the Bloomberg agitprop mills is proof enough of the bumper sticker political comment of the Carter years, “‘BREAD RULES,’ he who has the bread makes the rules.”

Rigth now, we have a very simple choice. We can fight Bloomberg, and his cohorts, the Bellingham Billionaires, for the next century, or we can push through Federal preemption of er can turn our attention to doing what it takes to impel Congress to preempt the laws Bloomberg wants to enact.

That is, a progression of laws leading to a total ban on private possession of firearms.

It will take work, but in most cases it is easier to replace a Senator than to block a gun ban. So let’s roll.


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