WaPo Says Whatever HRod Says, What People Hear Is E-mail

The radical leftist, and pro-Hillary, says that whatever Rodham C. says, all people hear is email.

Evidently, someone at WaPo is’s car has broken and they cannot ge tout of Georgetown. Listening to people in person and on the radio, I find Americans hear a wide variety of things frim Rodham, but the most common thing they hear is this:

When Rodham Clinton’s name comes up, the first thing to be mentioned is banning guns. And, in some informed circles, the assurance with which she throws around false numbers, secure in the knowledge that the complicit media, like the Washington Post, will not correct her.

As for Australia’s mandatory payment of a pittance for millions of sporting firearms, when Hughes gun ban went into effect, Australia’s crime rate was well below that of the United States. Here the results of the last comparison, using the US 2014 numbers:


Judge for yourself, but from FBI data, and for the comparable data from the Australian government it is obvious that the “gun buyback” is an utter failure.

Of course, as in any system, it is garbage in means garbage out. Unqualified acceptance of any statement breeds falsity.

Here at the a Alley, trust but verify. That is what all the links are for.


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