WaPo Says “Gun Control Has Has Unusual Staying Poer

FNHQ, sometimes called the Washinton Post uses its acute powers of observation to disern that the current gun ban campaign has lasted a long time.

We;;. oof O jad bo;;opmaores ;ole Michael Bloomberg contributing well over teeen million dollars a month to banning guns, and with the Progressive Left ffooting anti-gun candidate’s campaaign’s at the rate of $225.00 per voter, it is natural that tthe campaaaign has lasted a long time.

But if you look over the linked story you will find very little about the results of the campaign’s negligible successes. So, highlighted in red, are the results of taht campaign:

The chart shows the United States homicide rate from 1950 to 2017m with 2018’s estimated rate on the far right in gold.

Starting in 1950, before the first national gun ban campaign, you can see the homicide rate was slowly declining until 1963. In that year, the entertainment industry began a campaign to protect profits with a gun ban campaign intended to prtect income from reruns alreaddy “in the can.”

The result was immediate, and violent. While the first results of the December 1963 campaign did not show up until 1964, you can easily se that violent crime “took off” reaching rates not seen since the last years of the Depression.

In 1968 that rate of rise became even steeper, as the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 and State laws created gun trafficking. According to a Congressional investigation, in 1960 a stolen “street gun” was $75 in New York City. By 1970 the price of a gun sold for a pittance to an underworld gun trafficker was down to $40 to $50, and a new service to criminals had appeared. Gun rental. An addict in need of a gun could rent one for $15.00 for a three day weekend.

An equilibrium was reached in 1973, with a decline due to repeal of ammunition buyer registration. The next major factor pushing violent cirme and murder skyward was 1987
s “Assault Weapons Ban” campaign.

Clinton signed that attack on gun rights in late 1993, and a funny thing happened. America’s gun owners saw that relaxing gun laws drove down crime rates so gun owners began lobbying for “must issue” concealed carry laws. And crime fell like a stone pushed off a high cliff.

That came to an end, when the gun ban lobbies cranked up once the FBI’s instant background check system went into effect on November 30, 1998.

We were making decent progress against extremely well funded opposition at suppressing crime. We were, until 1993, when an estmiated $200 million dollar gun ban campaign cranked up.

Highlighted in red, crime is rising at an even faster rate than during the 1963 to 1972 perid, when far less financial assistance to these pro-crime groups was available.

Now, without exception, every regularly enforced restrictions on civilian possession of firearms has had the same results. A very sharp and long lasting rise in alll major crime rates.

And of course Washington’s Fake News HQ is nto going to tell you tat. They are not even going to look at the data. All FNHQ is oging to do iis help make our nation unfit fffor human habitation.



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