“WACO” Trailer

YouTube has a trailer for a new movie, WACI, up. If you are an American of aged 30 and over you should know the plot.

For those who do not remember watching Mount Carmel,” as the retreat was known, burn over and over and over again after an FBI attack, FBI attack, FBI attack, FBI attack led by FBI Director Louis Freeh, here’s the plot, sans the politics.

A preacher takes over an Adventist ssect, gathers followers, builds a plywood tenement retreat in the boonies and goes off to contemplate their collective navels or something. Local Progressives don’t like them so the ATF hears a lot of things that are apparently untrue, and AATF attacks the ssect’s “compound” with a few cattle trailers and SIV’s of soldaten.

And get repulsed with heavy lsses.

After the fiasco at Ruby Ridge, with a substantial loss of prestige, ATF was said to be looking for mass weapons violations to help restore their lost reputation.

Someone fromthe Waco progressive elites tipped the ATF that t a splinter sect was buying weapons and someone at ATF decided to have a show of force.

So here goes the BATmen, haring out in th eboonies with horse trailers full of agents, black choppers circling the tenement, and so on. The Dravidian were waiting, and when the BATmen started pouring through second floor windows without knocking they were met by gunfire that killed six of the BATmen.

After that, it was a seige. While ghw Bush would have been inclined to wait them out, the Clintons had just taken office and regarded resistance to the violent forced entry in a place they had been repeatedly invited to be an affrong and from report ordered Attorney General Janet Reno to “clean ’em out.

Soas Reno’s minions assembled serous forces, including a tank, to force entry, the sect’s leader was ordering cans of gas be set around the main tenement, and to prepare to defend the sect’s Mother Church.

And when Clinton’s FBI Director, Lous Freeh, is ready, the tank cranks up, the wass are breached, something sets the gasoline on fire, and fifteen minutes later 770 more American men, women and children had burned to death.

As I said, this tragedy was initiated by a complaint the “Branch Davidians” wee guying machine guns. When the asnes of the Mount Carmel tenement were sifted, ATF came up with two civilianized AK-47;s that they claimed had been converted back into assault rifles.

Ironically, ATF has been very reluctant to prove their case, refusing to have the alleged reconversoin jobs X-rayed for the presence of the “Autocross” that would allow fully automatic fire.

The ATF promptly reversed its permission for tests that did not affect the value of the firarms as evidence.’ Bang goes the door, and if an Autosear was ever found at at Mt. Carmel, either installed or loose, that fact has not made the news reports.

The massive raid on what seems to many to be a religious retreat angered a great many Americans, and resulted in numerous violent acts. For one, the Oklahoma City bombing which took the lives of at least 168 Americans was one violent act of retribution resulting from the
ATF rad on Mt. Carmel.

While I take no position on the Mr Carmel raid, excet to say that anyone accused of collecting guns could have been the targets of an ATF Blitzkreig, That is not American justice.

As I mentioned above, the ATF agents who had previously found nothing were invited to come back and inspect any weapons they could find. With the technology at their disposal, concealed guns shld not have been hard to find if any were present so the raid was pointless exercise in naked power.

No one can resurrect the dead, or erase the agony they the Dravidian were in when they died. But we should ll be aware of what poorlly concieved laws with no real protections for the citizenry lead to.


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