Virginia’s “One Gun A Month” Repeal Has Been Signed

With a tip of the Stetson to The Gun Wire for the link: The Richmond Times Dispatch reports Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has signed the bill repealing Virginia’s one-gun-a-month law.

The details are at the link so click the link, above. I will say those who support “one gun a month” and other bills that harass law abiding gun buyers are barking up the wrong tree.

A typical “police caliber handgun” costs from $300 to well over $1,000 at a legitimate gun dealers. A typical crime gun goes for $150 on the nearest street corner. The idea that someone would buy a gun for $300 to resell for $150 is preposterous.

Guns purchased to resell in gun ban states are usually purchased to resell to desperate members of the citizenry who feel threatened by criminal activity. And, given the ATF’s “time to crime;” the 14 to 17 years between a report of a gun being stolen to the time it is recovered in the hands of a criminal; the idea that such laws do anything good is equally preposterous.


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