Virginia: Notham’s Top Priority? Gun Bans

US News confirms what we repeatedly said beofre the November general elections, Governor Ralph Northam’s first priority will be to enact gn ban legislation.

Briefly quoting the US News report linked above:

Democratic Gov.-elect Ralph Northam said Tuesday that expanding Medicaid in Virginia and implementing universal background checks for gun buyers will be two of his top legislative priorities after he takes office this weekend.

In short, Northam wants to retain power the very old fashioned way, raiding the treasury for the benefit of the very poor who comprise most of the electorate and the very rich who have contributed millions to his election campaign – and to ban guns so the workers who are impoverished to pay the bills North will run are to be rendered helpless to protest the confiscation of their livelihood.

here is what gun control has already done to Virginia:

Turning wide areas of a once low crime into high crime aras that force you to take your life in your hands to drive through.

This makes it absolutely critical that the next Congress nullify Northam’s efforts by preempting all State and local gun laws. for Virginians, whose tab for gun control runs into the thousands of dollars a year for every family, that makes it absolutely imperative to vote every time the precinct doors open.

Who do you vote for? Since my political party gives me no choice, that is as simple as ABD, Anybody but a Democrat.


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