Virginia Gun Owners Watch Gun Ban Bills Pile UP

virginia’s majority shooting community agve last November’s elections a pass, and now the gun ban bills are piling up in Virginia’s legislature.

The link goes to a list at ammoland. If you want to see what voting Democratic, or not voting which amounts to the same thing does click on over. And remember that Ralph Northam, who won by painting an anti-crime Republican, Ed Gillespie, as a monster, will be glad to sign every one of those, regardles sof consequences. And there will be consequences.

Here is what gun control has already done to Virginia::::

You can bet that Northam’s gun ban bills will do as much harm as the already existing gun controls. So I hope that Virginia’s shooting community does not stay home again in this November.

Because th only way to stp[ Mprtja, amd Cp/ os tp [ree,[t State law. Even the loss of one Congressman of Senateor from Virginia coiuld kill Northam’s cchances of turing Richmond into a murder capitol. so vote for anyone but a Democrat in November.


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