Virginia Antis Rushing To Push Up Crime Rates

As I predicted in October, Virginia Democrats are rushing to enact restrictive gun laws of the type that have historically tripled and quadrupled already sky high violent crime rates.

Briefly quoting hte ABC news report linked above::

With the Democrats gaining clout, the group said, it expects a push for legislation in Virginia to implement universal background checks, ban assault weapons and restrict handgun purchases. The Defense League has urged members to reach out to non-gun owners to boost ownership and take off work for a lobbying day in January.

The chart below shows the results of past gun control laws, particularly the gun ban campaign of 1963, the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the “Assault Weapons Ban of 1988 to 1993” compared to the results of relaxed gun laws beginning in 1994″

Virginia was a safe haven for those working in Maryland and the District. If the ANTI Party, led by gun ban extremist Ralph Northam, gets its way, there will be no safe haven within driving distance of the District, and Alexandria could easily top Baltimore’s murder rate.

Further, there is the soaring cost of crime that the comes with gun control which currently costs each Virginia a staggering $2,950 or $8,200 a year for a family of three. That too could easily triple – if Ralph Northam and the Democrats get the gun ban precursor package they have said they want.

Which makes it time for Congress to man up and preempt ALL State and local restrictions on guns, allowing only that legislation whch has been successful at reducing crime and making citizens safer.


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