Very Broad Parody With A Point

This is very broad parody of the sort a court jester might have told Charles the great or henry FVIII.

But the parody video has a valid message for the court fools of the media, to whom a 50 percent decline is a “runaway increase,” and every gun is an “AR-15 Glock.”

Not either an AR-15 or a Glock, but both and AR-15 and a Glock. and from all available evidence, those who whould be wearing the particolor while sowing the moral responsibility of a rogue elephant in the meda do no tknow how to do basic research on the subjects they jabber about.

The vidoe makes a strong argumeent in parody. There is somelyard language, and if you can handle vulgarity click on over. We all need a good laugh to start a day.

About Stranger

Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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