Venezuela’s Homicide Rte Since 1990?

While the Alley was in the process of moving, I had a request for Venezuela’s murder rate from 1990 to the present that I could not immediately respond to.

My request for data from a variety of official and unofficial sources has come through, so the requested information is here. Although most of this comes from sampling church records and none comes from “official” and highly fictional sources.

While Venezuela cannot feed itself, the country had a thriving agricultureal sector, and agriculture depends on pest control A surprising percentage of Venezuelans owned guns until former Dictator Hugo Chavez took the Presidency in 2002. As a “Socialist” Dictator, one of Chavez first actions was to ban all guns more effective than a .22 long rifle. A decade later, the dying Chavez banned all guns, with terrifying penalties for failing to turn in a registered gun – or possession of any gun.

The results of Chavez gun bans are clearly evident, the first in blue, and the second in red.

Let me add that the pre-ban murder numbers are in line with neighboring countries until Chavez became dictgator. From 2002 to 2016 murder rates soared as gun guns were turned in and criminals and the police became the only armed groups in the country.

The situation is worsening by the day, as trucks carrying food are regularly hijacked and stripped of their cargo to feed populations closer to ports than the intended recipients.


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