“Venezuela AK-47’s Imported To US?”

Someone came by looking for “Venezuela ak47 imported to US.” Not as far as I know.

For starters, it may surprise some that Venezuela builds its very own full auto AK-103’s, the latest version of the venerable AK-47’s. They do so under license from Russia.

But Bozo Chavez’ labor and material costs are quite high, and the royalty adds to that. As a result Chavez’ AK-s are comparatively expensive compared to Chinese copies. Which work well enough for military use, where even rifles that have seen a dozen battles will have seldom fired 300 rounds.

The rumor mill has it that Chavez wants at least $400 USD a pop for his Caracas Typewriters, almost six times the cost of a Canton Typewriter. While the quality is probably better, even the Russians drastically undersell the Venezuelans on the international market. Particularly to Africa, where the going price to Angolan rebels was said to be just $15 USD.

And then there is the small matter of getting an import license for newly made machine guns. And of finding a market for those assault weapons. While I have seen some very odd things happen, I doubt anyone would want to import Chavez AK’s to the US.

Doubtless, the Cartels obtain some of Chavez AK’s from FARC, but I have seen only a handful of likely candidates among those guns confiscated by the Mexican military. So my answer would be no.


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