Venezueala Report – That must be taken with great caution

The “New York Times,” a rag serving Manhattan’s upper West Side, has an interesting report from “gun free” Venezuela. As always, this story must be taken with extreme caution.

Again, I have no information other that that presented here, and like the rest of the red rags the “Gotham Gazette” has strongly supported the Castro-Chavez-Maduro regime.If the invaluable “Fausta’s Blog report of shooting in city streets, I would ignore the Gazette entirely

However should a substantial part of the linked story prove true, it also proves the facts that it has not been possible to completely disarm a civilian population, and facing brutal oppression the people will pick up whatever weapons they have and revolt.


(Footnote: Kudos to Getty Images JUAN BARRETO, for the excellent lead photo that accompanies this story. Such fotos take both the guts to push your luck and technical skill, both of which Sr. Barreto apparently possess in both.)


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