Vegas Shooting, Reports, Reports, Reports

Heard on the way to lunch neeeewsweek has retracted all the nasty things they said about Marilou Danley, Las Vegas mass killer Stephen Paddock’s POSSLQ.

NBC reports Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was down to his last $160,000 Take this report with extreme caution.

The reliable Gateway Pundit reports Paddock’s doctor prescribed anti-anxiety drugs for Paddock in June. This is plausible, given that three of the four classes of drugs commonly prescribed for anxiety are known to cause sever personality changes.

The Associated Press has a report on Paddock’s POSSLQ, that should be taken with due caution.

Sundance, who is reliable, has a bunch of stuff on has a substantial amount of general information on Paddock.

Speaking of Paddock’s Person of the opposite sex shaing living quafrgters, there are reports that she is on her way from Manila to Vegas, reports the plane has landed, and reports sayng she will return to the US. All with conflicgting timestamps. Do you suppose reporters cannot even tell time anymore?

No word on the source of the Autosear used to convert the two AK’s to full auto.

Thee s probably more out there, but that is all I have seen worthy of passing on.


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