VA: Most Of Northams Gun Ban Bills Have Died

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports most of rabidly anti-gun Governor Ralph Northam’s initial gun ban package has died in committee.

Brieflly quoting the Times Dispatch report linked above:

A Democratic bill to require universal background checks for gun purchases — a key component of Northam’s gun agenda — was defeated in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. Another Northam-backed bill to allow localities to ban firearms at permitted events, which arose from the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville last year, also failed to get through the committee.

That is good, but there is more. Click on over and check it all out. The Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, the most serious remaining problems is that Ralph Northam and his henchmen are still in office, and will certainly be back time after time pushing the same laws the Virginia Assembly just rejeced. And of cours some of Northam’s gun ban precursors are still alive.

And the fact that the Democrats reportedly spent more than ten dollars for every registered voter – promulgated the lie that Republican Candidate Ed Gillespie was a monster who kept small awake at night, and committed other transgressions of the rules of civilized conduct.

And still won, albeit by a relatively small margin.

I am convinced the members of tVirginia’s shooting community who could not bring themselves to vote for their gun rights will pay dearly for electing a man whose primary concern is to pass harassing laws that make gun rights a joke.

We need only look aaat Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Venezuela, and most of Central and South America to see how wonderfully well that works.


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