US Crime Rates VS U.K Crime rates For 2016

There are some indications that the United States violent crime rates have delcined slightly, except for Washington and Oregon, which have newish gun control laws. While those indications are from the first quarter of 2016, we can at least hope for better crime results except on the Left coast, where three states, Washington,. Oregon, and now Nevada have gun collector harassing “universal background checks.”

With that, and from the 2015 FBI Uniform Crime report, in 2015 1 American in 35 reported some crime to the police.

1 American in 261 reported a violent crime to the police.

1 American in 20,375 was a homicide victim, but only 1 American in 24,239 was a murder victim.

1 American in 3,569 reported a forcible sexual assault to the police.

1 American in 982 was robbed in 2015.

1 American in 420 was reported an assault to the police.

On the other hand, the United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics guesses there are now 65,100,000 persons resident in England in Wales, or just over one fifth of the United States 321,420,418 persons resident. Looking at the latest Police Reported crime numbers, and scrolling past the amusing graph and down to the numbers, we find the British police are very shy about giving real numbers.

Instead of just saying Britons reported 1,700,000 violent crimes to the police, compared to the U.S. blunt 1,231,566 such crimes reported to the police, the Brits say there were 28 crimes per 1,000 residents. Meaning the U.S. Would have to have 5,900,000 violent crimes reported to the police to have a vilent crime rate equal to the UK>

First, there is a lengthy of the English murder rate at this link. Suffice it to say the numbers cited are for the suckers and the media.

From Table 2, scroll down, we one Brit in 1,694 reported being raped.

Running the numbers, one Brit in 36.7 will reported a violent crime to the police.

One Brit in 83 reported being robbed.

Now, about that funny graph I mentioned to start this section of this post. It says violent crime is down again. But lets go down and look at Figure 2, where we see>


So riddle me, first, how with the numbers of virtually every category of police reported crime up by as much as 27 percent, how can crime be down.

And after you figure that out, how would you like to live in an allegedly crime free and gun free country where the violent crime rate is more than seven times that of the “heavily armed” United States of America?


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