US Accidental Gun Deaths 2010

Someone came by looking for “us accidental gun deaths 2010.” It takes three years for the Census Bureau to complete their survey, so the official numbers for 2010 probably will not be out until 2014.

However, from the last official fatal firearms numbers available combined with trend data, it appears there were some 650 fatalities that will be classed as “firearms accidents” when the official numbers are released.

Of those, 400 victims will be hunting/outdoors accidents; 200 victims will be over 16, and 50 will be 15 or under.

And it should be clearly understood that a person who has fallen out of a tree stand really should not be classified as a firearms accident unless a shot was fired; but a substantial number are.

By the same token, someone who has stuck the muzzle of a loaded gun in his ear and pulled the trigger was not killed in a “gun cleaning accident.” But many self murders will be classified as accidents.

Just as a substantial percentage of the 50 “juvenile firearms accidents” are actually suicide or homicide.

But the official total will be under 650 – when it is released.


UPDATE 2010 Accidental Deaths; Accidental Gun Deaths At 606 – and the trend continues.

2010 Accidental Deaths, All Ages


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