Boy, are things dead in the news, and on the radio. Just for bunkum (Buncombe) I tried the Borderland Beat site again. IF YOU HAVE A STRONG STOMACH CLICK WITH CAUTION

If your stomach is not so strong, the story is that four people, one dog, and one cat were found dumped in Nuevo Laredo. A poster warning the people of Nuevo Laredo found on one of the corpses said “I was the one who threw the grenade into the sports complex. I was paid $500.” The other three bodies are identified as the father, brother, and brother in law of that man. The poster goes on to say the mother and sister of the bomber were “Para el Tambo,” “to the drum,” or sealed in a barrel of acid.

And if you just want to know what’s going on, www.borderlandbeat.com seems quite accurate.

Americans should be very concerned about the violence just across a border from Los Estados. Because it is coming closer, and closer and it is almost here.


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