UK Cauldron Calls US Thimble Black

Amusingly enough, the British publication the Independent is complaining that the US still has not banned guns despite the Pulse Orlando mass murder.

Of course, England has banned guns, and there have been a number of mass murders since the ban, b ut the Independent forgets tghat. Just as they forget the fact that England has approximately the same number of violent crimes as the United STates – despite the fact the United Kingdom, England wales, has almost one seventh the U.S. population.

And the fact that we have strong indications that the rise in violent crimes associated with the 2014 and subswequent gun control campaigns are running out of steam.

Yes, the U.S.,’ estimated violent crime rat for 2016 is 420. The published violent crime rate for England and Wales is 29 per 1,000,equal to 2900 per 100,000 the way we count crimes.

And yes,I know that if you open the ONS crime report for 2016,Figure 1,shows crime down. But as a police chief me at lunch,with every major category of crime up, and violent crime increasing by one percent every 14 days, how can that be?

Perhaps the Independent should either keep their opinions out of the relatively crime free United States,and start doing somethhing about their own gun control problem.


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  1. Wu Chang says:

    No contact link in navigation header but I’ll post this here

    After London Attack, British Gun Activists Call For Right To Bear Arms

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks, WuChang, my news aggregatror missed that one. It makes the subject for the first post today, and as alwys it is much appreciated.


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