Two Days And No Budget Deal

I see the Democrats have deccided to shut down the government rather than give the DRAMERS a break and pass a law granting the law abiding who were brought here as children amnesty.

President Donald J. Trump gave Congress six full months to do something, and the Democrats have thrown brickbats aaat every proposal to keep Americans in everything but their name on a piece of paper a chance to stay here and become Americans in fact.

The Democrats are having none of it. And they thinktheir control of narrow strips of the eastern and western seabard makes them the only ones who will realize what they are doing.

Well, they have a point. After aall, we keep buying the products of Hollywood’s sick minds, we keep shipping our produce to the Socialist Strips for dollars that aare inflating into worthlessness, keep sending our best and britest off to fight wars brough on by the Progressive left’s unwillingness to act against evil in less than fifty years, and the other stupid things they impose on us.

Well, whatever happens, we will muddle through. But hopefully the next Congress will not contain any Democrats in the House and less than 20 in the Senate.


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