Two Apples and an Orange Make Two Apples And An Orange”

I well remember s second grade and Mrs. Lee telling the 42 members of her shortlegs brigade that you cannot add unlike items. “Two apples and aaan orage does not make three apples. No matter how you count them they make two apples and an orange.”

Te same thing applies generally. Three wrecked cars and one new car still make one daily driver. But the gun ban lobby s wants to change the rules of addition to add murders justifiable homicides, “Police intervention” and suicide into one category they call “gun violence.

The latest blast claiming it is acceptable to add the self destruction called suicide to the largely criminal on criminal activity called murder is one David Brock.

Who is David Brock? Broccck is a former Conservative reporter who traded his free enterprise credentials for Marxian credo.

But Brock is wrong – and ws wrong in the second or third grde when he was asked the sum of six watermelons and two grapes. And both Brock and his Media Matters are wrong today, when they whine that the “NRA says it is wrong to add homicides.

Of course, that is nto the only thing Brock is worng on – but it is enough to drop him in the “never credible” pigeonhole.


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