Trump: “School Safety, But No General Gun Control”

CNN qquotes trump as saying has outlined what his sudden support for gun ban precursors is intended to achieve.

Briefly quoting the CNN report linked above:

..The administration announced Sunday night that it would launch a commission to study school violence and would look at ways to allow states to train teachers who wanted to carry guns. The administration also announced support for legislation sponsored by Republican Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas and Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut …

Uh huh. CNN reports Trump will appoint the most rabid gun banner in Congress to lead a study of school safety. While this must be taken with the usual discout for CNN it is still ominous.

The facts are not at all hard to understand. At one time we had very few school shootings, and they were single killer, single victim affairs, usually resulting from Cupid misplacing a dart. Many years there were no school shootings, some years a half dozen:

And then some long eared jackass named Herb Kohl decided that since violent people obeyed the law just ban gun on campus and there would be no school shootings. The more fool him, as you can see on the right side of the trace; where the reaction was almost instant and entirely expected by those who study the effects of restrictive gun laws.

And to let a man with Chris Murphy’s hatred for gun rights sit as a member of a commission that deals with gun rights is insupportable. While there are Democrats who would make a effort to at least appear fair and inclusive Christopher Murphy is not one of them, which puts our gun rights and the civil rights they protect in jeopardy.


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