Treat “Gun Violence” As a Health Issue

ABC News is essentially lobbying to treat “gun violence” as a public health issue.

The problem is simple. so-called “gun violence” is only a small part of the problem. While the breakdown of gun to other forms of violence varies enormously over the United States, the more restrictive the gun laws the higher percentage of violence is gun related, as it is in Chicago.

For homicide, five out of eight murders are criminal on criminal affairs with both the killer and victim either rivals or partners in some criminal enterprise. Add murders committed as a part of some other crime and the killer is engaged in a crime more or less eight times in ten.

Put another way, the United States homicide rate was 8.1 murders per 100,000 Americans or 51 Americans per million populations. If we exclude crime related murders, our murder rate would be 1.01 per 100,000 or 10.2 per million.

Unless and until you study all forms of violence, and the causes of that violence, the only thing you are doing is sell measures aimed at ne form of violence. Gun violence, which comprises less than one sixth of Societal violence.

And when you put someonee on screen saying “look at the data and go where it takes you” when his choice of words and body language tells us his intent is to “study gun violence” is self defeating.

If you want to study gun violence, start with the weapons with the highest mortality rate, feet and hands. Knife violence should get plenty of attention. Should wwe ban heavy lamps that can be used to kill? On a deaths per attack basis they rank pretty high. And yes, look into the actual non-criminal use of firearms to injure.

But do not start by repeating the fallacy that was debunked a 110 years ago; “guns cause crime so gun control will stop crime.” it does not work that way.

Instead, restricting citizens access to firearms result in soaring violent crime rates. It did that in the Holy Roman Empire, it did that in Germany, in France, and and Canada, and Mexico, and the 50 States, and the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, and every where else restrictive gun laws have been imposed.

So do not strat with “Guns cause morbidity and death so we must investigate gun violence.”


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