Tragedy Sparks Call For Even more Gun Control

The island nation of Barbados has a history rooted in the horror of slavery, 280,000 people, 9,000 legally held guns, controls rates as “very restrictive,” and moderately high crime rates that tend to be much higher than less restrictive nations such as the United States.

Barbados was the site of one of the most infamous slave plantations history can point to as an example of the evils of slavery.

Fox News reports that despite some of the most restrictive gun laws in this hemisphere, Rihanna’s cousin was shot to death in Barbados, triggering demans for even more gun controls.

While there is insufficient information to determine exaxctly why the lady was murdered, there can be no doubt that Barbadan gun laws, which have produced a crime rate far higher than demographics would suggest as normal, is a major contributor to the death.

But of course thee is no “enough” to the gun control nuts.


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2 Responses to Tragedy Sparks Call For Even more Gun Control

  1. Anonymous says:

    Went there for our honeymoon nearly 30 years ago. Whenever we left the resort grounds we were set upon by druggies (“my name is Reeechie, come to my workshop!”). People “working” there were on BPT and had no shame about it. Place was a shithole 30 years ago, can’t imagine it has improved.

  2. Stranger says:

    Hi Bill, thanks for the comment. The place really has nto improved since 1526, the year King James authorized the Barbadoes Company and colony. Irish, Scots, and some midlands territories were cleared by shanghaiing the locals and shipping them to Barbados too be sold for the price paid the “press gang.” There is no record of any European who was sold in the Colony ever returning home, probably because the average life expectency on making landfall was around four years, and they were “indentured” for 40 to 50 years.

    The six week trip with the men chained below and the women placed at the disposal of the crw was a savage introduction to the life they would lead as slaves.


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