Too Simple For Gun Control Advocates?

Looking over the gun control news this morning, I was struck by the number of gun control advocates who struggle to understand that disarming the citizenry does not disarm the criminals.

The people who live inside the law buy guns for various legitimate purposes, such as target shooting, hunting, pest control, and self defense. All these highly touted laws, such as “universal background checks” intended to register guns and gun owners, will not in any way reduce crime because the law abiding do not commit felony crimes.

Such laws do n not affect criminal’s possession of firearms because criminals buy stolen and often trafficked guns from “friends and relatives pursuing the cirminal lifestyle.” *

If the gun control activists paid attention to the studies that begin with prison surveys, they would know that less than one percent of those serving a sentence for a violent crime have even attempted to buy a gun from a legitimate source such as a licensed gun dealer.

I would suggest we try to educate those people, but it is hard to teach someone taking money for promulgating an incorrect view.


* Please note that the study referenced in the Free Beacon report linked above is behind a paywall. Those who wish to learn more and will read carefully will find much of interest here. The study is very small, the subjects wee not chosen at random but were hardened criminals well known to those selecting subjects, and many of the frequent gaffes are often hilarious: ii.e. “Regulations prevent criminals from buying guns from Chicago dealers.” There are no Chicago gun dealers, so even the President could not legally buy a gun in Chicago. Stores. Other comments, such as failing to not that nationally the percentage of murders “solved by arrest” is only 62 percent, but the percentage of Chicago homicides “solved by arrest was only 9.7% when this study was conducted.

Still,any real study is more enlightening than no study.


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