Today Is Trump’s 9 Month Anniversary

President Donald J. Trump was sworn in oon 20 January, 2017, so 20 October will mark nine months of Trump.

The world is still spinning on its axle, sun will rise on schedule, and the oceans show no signs of boiling, so that lot of critics were wwroing.

On balance, our international relations seem about the same, or perhaps improved since only North Korea is threatening war at this moment.

Our economy seems to be doing a bit better, although that has not hit Main Street retailers yet.

ISIS has gone from a brutal power in the region to squashed and scattering. Which is a good thing but will cause trouble when the terrorists get together at home.

And President Donald J. Trump has done a great deal of good for our society, starting the process of getting ready for the next brushfire war.

It would help if Congress were on the same page, but that is something we will have to take care of next year.


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