Today Is The First Time I Have Ever Passed Up A Gun Show, Because There Was No Place To Park

I had a training session scheduled for 12:00, so I thought I would have time to be one of the first in the door at the Hattiesburg gun show, and still make my session in time to teach the class. No such luck. The parking lot was full, with people beginning to park on off the grounds.

I went on to town, did the week’s shopping, and to my “in a conventional single phase circuit the hot wire is black because black is a reminder that wire will kill” lecture. All very basic stuff. Anyhow, I went back by the gun show about 14:00 and found no empty parking places.

I will go back in the morning, and hopefully the line will not be quite so long. Hopefully.

Especially since the local “seldom wrong” weather prognosticator says strong rain in the morning. I have my raincoat, the one my great granddaughters say make me look like Inspector Gadget, laid out for the occasion.


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