Thomas Sowell Asks The Right Question About Gun Control

Dr. Thomas Sowell asks the question most of the gun control activists refuse to face – ‘what are the results of gun control laws.’

If gun controls actually reduced crime and violence, they would be worth having. If gun controls have the same effect on crime that gasoline has on a bonfire, gun controls are the very last thing we need. Briefly quoting Dr. Sowell:

The central question as to whether gun control laws save lives or cost lives has generated many factual studies over the years. But these studies have been like the proverbial tree that falls in an empty forest, and has been heard by no one — certainly not by zealots who have made up their minds and don’t want to be confused by the facts.

Most factual studies show no reduction in gun crimes, including murder, under gun control laws. A significant number of studies show higher rates of murder and other gun crimes under gun control laws.

As one who not only looks at studies, but looks behind them, I can tell you that no study using actual results has ever found a reduction in violent crime after gun controls. Those studies that do so find universally use data provided by “authority” that are generated by individuals acting in their own self interest; or fail on the biases of those conducting the studies.

If you read the literature, you will find the sea is rising by 30 centimeters a year (essentially one foot a year) and Edmond, Oklahoma (elevation, 1,204 feet) will become a sea port before 2050.

If you read the literature, you will find the District of Columbia has no guns and no crime.

Both statements are entirely fictional. And both “studies” are the result of make-a-buck cupidity, intended to assist in the rise of a particular political point of view; Statism.

Those of us fighting the Statist monster must keep on pounding away with the facts. Starting with three simple words.

Gun control kills.


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