Thinking Of Running For Office?

There is no secret that our country would be much better off with fewer professional pols in office and more citizen lawmakers.

That would curb the practice of lawmakers pandering to every inimical interest group whose lobbyists hand over a check for a few thousand. In a world where less than a billion dollars would literally buy Congress on a specific issue, that would be a major improvement.

If you are thinking of replacing “Rep. Buyable,” you need some way to :test the waters” and see what your chances are. Thnks to a link at Steve Bartin’s NewsAlert, I see there is a site advertised as filling that need.

It is at the ultra0leftist National Public Radio site and from what is aimed at giving the Democrats an infusion of young blood.

But that is no indication that only violent leftists need apply. So if you are thinking – don’t just sit there, do something.


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