There Is A Whole Lot Of Quaking Gong On

As I have said many times, we are deging into what the Scientists call a “Grand Climate Minimum. Those have names, such as Dalton, Maunder, and so on. Theey are characterized by mean temperature declines of 3 to 6 degrees C, as well as a sharp increase in earthquake activity, volcanic eruptions, and various and sundry tsunami’s seal level recessions, and other effects.

One of the most spectacular of thse geophysical effects is the reduction in the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field, large and often erratic chanes in the position of the magnetic poles and even a 18- degree reversal, as the North magenetic pole becomes the South magnetic pole.

The maps shows the really spectacular movement of the poles so far this century.

Akk if this appears to be a result of a cyclical weakening of the Sun’s magnetic field, which becomes weaker and results in a far weaker and less stable terrestrial magnetic field.

Other effects include far more powerful, earthquakes, many far from any known fault. Further, a phenomena described as a false tsunami, where the water in a bay or inlet will disappear but no tsunami ever becomes evident. As usual, if the water goes out to sea, had for high ground at the highest reate of seed you can manage.

And, finally, landslips and avalanches become quite common. Many of these are unexpected, and are thought to be due to very small tremors in the earth acting as an initiator for material that is ready to slide.

The history tells us these phenomena are normal and expected for a climate minimum.

Since we have made no provision for a a backup colony to save our species, we may very well have an exciting time in the near future.

But for my part, I sincerely it does nto get any worse than it is.


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  1. 2aguy says:

    When you go to Wisqars it shows in the menu up to Fatal injuries to 2015…but when you click on it….it has the 2016 data now…

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Bill. I appreciate it.

    Now I can update ssseveral of the charts.


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