The Violence Of The Gun Hating Left

It was a really good week for the “Gun Hating Progressives:”

First, there was Nkosi Thandewe, who murdered one woman and wounded two. Thandewe told the court that he learned to hate white people while he was a student at the University of West Georgia.

Then there is Christopher Dorner, who murdered a former co-worker’s daughter and her fiancee in revenge – and a police officer for the fun of it. Oh yes, Dotson is a gun hating, Piers Morgan supporting Obama fan. A registered Democrat, of course. And Dorner has promised to wage unconventional warfare on the LAPD.

And then there is registered Democrat and LGBT activist Floyd Corkins, who walked into the DC headquarters of the Family Research Council with the intention of killing as many people as he could.

Yes, “progressives” and registered Democrats all.

In the meantime, I am looking for a Republican who murdered someone in a public place. I have found a couple of RINO’s but even those did the deed in private.


About Stranger

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