The Theory Is Bully – When It Works

I see the Democrats have revived the “armor piercing bullet” fiction from the early 1990’s, when Handgun Control’ got th bright idea of declaring all common sporting ammunition “armor piercing.” To start at the beginning…

First there was the military theory that a civilized country will take care of its wounded, so wounding an enemy combatant ties up more enemy resources than killing an enemy soldat. Which is fine – until you start fighting an enemy that uses one bullet to give the coup de grace to any wounded jihadi.

As a result a lot of surplus ammo, particularly for the AR sseries 4.45 NATO, is designed to wound, not kill. HCI picked up on the AP, Anti Personell” rating of much surplus ammo and claimed thousands and thousands of police offiers were being shot with “Armor Piercing” ammo.

cop turned congressman, Mario Biaggi, who is about as gun smart as an earthworm became HCI’s front man, and GE’s NBC fiction division obligingly cranked out videos of relatively low power ammo zipping through “body armor.”

All in the name of keeping cops safe and banning civilian sales of ammunition. Hundreds of prisoners in vaaarious penal institutions watched in fascination as the friendly announcer taught them about the coverage ballistic vests had, and much, much more.

My son’s baseball coach, and a persona acquaintance had a son in the Highway Patrol Academy as a pair of Georgia prisoners named Brook and Eason watched HCCI’s educational programing.

We still remember Dann6 around town, a fine ball player, an extremely competent radio operator for the MHP, and as a good person.

And we still remember why he died – to push a campaign that at that time had America’s violent crime and homicide rates at record highs.

And now the Democrats want to resurrect the programs that killed cops? They must not get away with it.


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