The Sunny south is down to 12F

This is one of the rare mornings when the NWS thermometer and the B29 thermometer agree. It is a chilly 12 degrees here in the United States sub-tropical zone.

12 means I reach one more coat to the left on the rack for a coat good for 0F. And if it gets to zip, I wmy add a down vest,or go to my “ranchers coat,” which is supposedly good for -20. But while I call myself wwwell prepared for winter, my neighbors are not. When you need a meddium weight jacket once or twice a year what is the point?

But that was in warm cycle years. Now that the temperature has dropped below anything on record for the last 20 years of the Dalton minimum fo r10 days this winter, nor do they have any clue how to drive on icy roads. They don’t know what a learning process they have coming.

Anyhow, way up north, the normal temperature for this time of year is 248K, and it appears this winter’s low has settled aaaat 250K, or -42C, which is plenty cold enough for gooseflesh.

Arctic sea ice extent is at 13,089,000 square kilometers, just 13,089,000 Km2 greater than Saint Al Gore’s prediction of no Arctic sea ice ever again of a few years back. That total is a reflection of millions of tonnes of Asian soot and fly ash coating the sea and lowering the freezing point of sea water.

And down here in the temperate zone, it is noticeably cold just about anywhere you go. so it seems that the climate is doing wat was predicted 30 years ago, going into a 70 year long climate minimum. How cold it will get remains to be seen, but it w would be a very good idea to get ready for the winter deep freeze.


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