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The latest gun ban propaganda from the Smithsonian has it that gun control is as old as the Old West. That period isusually considered to stretch from 1865 ti 1895, 1900, 1915, 1930, or 1940, something between 30 abd 75years,

In reality, gun control began in, or possibly before, 1495, and in August the age of gun control will stretch 523 years. And that is just the first of many errors.

If the Wild Wesst cutss off before 1906, the courts still held the right to keep and bear arms was absolute, and applied to every American, regardless of race, creed, color, or history of violence. And in that era where one man in four turned in his gun at the only place concealed carry was held to be unlawful, polling places, The crime rates were far lower than equivalent rates today::

In England’s North American Colonies, gun laws were whatever common law and the King of England decreed. The Revolutionary war began when England attempted to seize Massachusetts scanty store of gunpowder at the Colony’s scanty gunpowder. After the adoption of the Bill of Rights, and the agreement that what limitations on congress also applied to State legislatures, there were a handful of State gun laws, overturned by courts that properly held that “The Right to keep and bear arms” is an unlimited right that cannot be lawfully made less.

The results of that policy can be seen in the chart below, which shows the results of the carry ban laws of 1905-’06, 1911’s Sullivan law, the Prohibition era restrictions on carry, the decline in hurder when enforcement of carry laws ws relaxed in 1933, he rise due to 1953’s gun ban campaign, the 1987 “Assaault Weapons Ban” campaign, The effect of relaxig gun laws beginning in late 1992, the slowing of the decline in violnet cimre as resistance to relaxed gun laws stiffened, and finally, highlighted in red are the results of the gun ban campaign that began in 2013.

The FBI umbes the chart are based on can be verified post 1960 to 216 to can e confirmed here. FBI data from 1928 can be confirmed in the FBI Uniform Crime Rate kept on file at many major universities and ssome police departments, from 1900 to 1930 in Department of Justice publications, and the 1880 to 1899 homicide rate can be excerpted from census data. If yoiu can be satisfied with unofficial data but a continuous list that begins in 1900, there are several such lists on the internet.

Clearly, an American was far safer in the Wild West of 1890 than he or she was in 1915, after carry bans and some gun bans were in force and enforced.

And yes, the Old West, the trail drive period, had gun controls, established by a motley crew of self appointed saloon keepers and gamblers, which lasted until someone noticed the increased levels of violence resulting from the “check your guns first” signs at the door of stores, saloons, red light houses, and livery stables.

and yes, Tombstone had a mandatory gun check law on October 6, 1881. That law barred carry in the streets of Tombstone, but it did not stop the “Gunfight at the OK Corral.” That law had been placed on the books two years before, before the town was formally organized and had no validity at all, but it was on the books. Other towns had similar laws – and arrests were invariably to allow a drunk time to sober up, not control guns.

For the most part, those “laws” were imposed by a collection of self appointed city council with no legal standing, who decreed guns must be ked upon arrival in town. Arrests were rare, enforcement caused gossip from Matagordo Bay, Texas To Glasgow, Montana. And crime was generally a rarity.

The actual record of trail heads like Caldwell, Abilene, and Dodge City speak volumes in debunking the myth of gun control in the Old West, which began at least when every American who had the price could buy a gun and carry it; with no questions asked or concerns expressed about their mental health or their criminal record.


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