The SHOT Show And The Media Whine Is On

The Hearst Newspaper, the Houston Chronicle is griping that the SHOT Show is being held
a short drive from the Mandalay Bay casino complex, the site of the October 1, 2017 mass murder.

Yes, if the event was expected to draw 500 people, it could have been moved to Reno or Elko out of respect for the survivors. But the SHOT Show is expected to draw more than 60,000 attendees, plus hundreds of exhibitors. Fining a venue large enough to hold that Expo is a serious problem, often requiing “earnest money” fiv3e years in advance.

But the Chronicle is among a dozen that is whinig about the event being held a short distance from the site of the Las Vegas mass murder.

As I finish up, I am surprised at how appropriate the the ANTI-gu Hearst chain would be among the first to whine that the SHOT show is “too close” to the Mandalay Bay. After all, Hearst was the one whose salacious and inaccurate journalism coinde the phrase “yellow journalism.” Which this effor definately qualifies as.

And That amounts to another reason why Americans give the newspaper racks andthe carriers a pass, and turn to the interneet for the events of the day.


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