The Results Of FNHQ Gun Ban Agitprop

It is no secret that the Washington Post abandoned the Bill of rights on December 1, 1963, making it a first day adopter of the entertainment industry’s campaign to save “properties in the can” from the wrath of a Congress convinced the industry was the major source of a surge un juvenile crime.

And it was. At least, one property, the very violent film version of West Side Story, featuring lethal gang violence, was.

In the meantime, WaPo has featured one continuous year of daily gun control editorials, the editorial cartoon was dedicated to gun control for long periods, and never ever fact checking an anti-gun screed, and rarely giving an opponent of gun bans a favorable mention.

As a result, many observers, including myself, feel FNHQ is at least as responsible for the rise of criminal violence in the District as anyone, and far more culpable than most; with the red columns showing the results of former New York Mayor’s gun ban campaign to this point::

a commentary on one of FNHQ’s ccolumnists.

And now the NRA has has brief overview of one of FNHQ’s columnists. It is, to quote Mollie Sugden’s Mrs. Slocumb, “Weak as water, weak as water” overview of an FNHQ columnist.

Click on over, but before you do, take a moment to consider the lives and treasure lost as a result of the Washington Post’s gun ban campaign.


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