The Price Of A Strict Gun Ban

Of Central and South American countries, Brazzil’s homicide rate is not exceptional. Venezuela, with not one but two gun bans on the books, is by far the leader in murder and crime, with an estimated 62,000 murders in a population of 29,000,000 and a murder rate of 225 murders per 100,000 population.

Brazil is a much more populous country, with an estimated 22208,000,000 population and 61,000 murders in 2016, for a murder rate of 29.3 per 100,000 population. That is on the low side for a nation with a near total gun ban in a region where absolute gun bans are enforced.

Here is a report in English detailing life in a country where a permit to possess may cost $4,000: a permit to purchase $12,000 spread out among a half dozen officials, and a major city’s metropolitan area has as many murders a year as the United States.

Sao Paolo’s metro area, the area around the twelve million population City has an estimated population of 211.6 million, and the City had an estimated murder total of 12,000, the metro’s murder total 24,000 – compared to the U.S. 2016 murder total of 17,500.

Rio de Janeiro as a few notches down the list of Brazilian cities, but still had an estimated muder total of 6,500. Here’s that video I mentioned in the first paragraph:

And Rio is far from the only Brazilian city whose police sek criminals with an assault rifle shouldered and ready to fire.

Remember, Brazil is one of the few countries where the deciding criteria for gun ownership is money. Next door in Venezuela you must be a high official of the ruling Party to get permission to possess a gun.

Which makes Brazzil a poster child for gun control.

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