The Percentage Of Americans Licensed To Carry?

Someone stopped by searchning for “pct licensed to carry.”

Well,first, in 2015 there were a total of 321,419,000 Americans. Subtracting the 73,645,100 under 18’s leaves a total of 247743,900 Adults.

The recent count showing there are 16.1 Million Americans who have an actual license to carry, and an additional 24 million adult Americans live in States with some form of Constitutional Carry, more than 50 million adult Americans could lawfully carry a gun – provided

They are not here illegally, and they have not been convicted of a felony punishible by more than 364 days imprisonment, and are not on the FBI’;s list of banned individuals.

In reality, the total number of adults who can lawfully own a gun is probably colse to 210 million, and a total of approximately 42,000,000 are either licensed or can carry without a permit.

That would be a 19 percent permitted to carry total,sufficient to cut ct violent crime rates by 70 percent if everyone permitted actually carried a defensive weapon.

As it is,the advent of common concealed carry has cut homicide and overall v iolent crime rates in half since 1993. that result would have been much b better had the ongoing gun ban campaigns not impeded our progress toward realizing Madison and Jefferson’s “Great Goal,” that every man me armed.


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