The Most Intimidating Self Defense Weapon?

Someone stopped by searching for “the most intimidating self defense weapon.”

An 8 gauge shotgun, but it is not very practical. A slide action 12 gauge like the one holding the belt up has plenty of intimidation factor.

The Best Belt I Have Ever Had

The Best Belt I Have Ever Had

But for carry, the Roscoe with the biggest hole in the end the hurt comes out of is the one criminals are least likely to argue with. Any of the three .380’s will get the job done – but the 1911 gets an almost instant response from people who are in the wrong place at three in the ayem:


gunshot3 And it the barrel just happens to be bright and shiny, so the hole shows up even more clearly, that is likely to be even more effective.

Because criminals, being human, think about a hole this size in their own tender bod, when they see that big hole in the business end of Betsy or Roscoe.


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