“The Most Important Fact About Gun Control?”

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Inspector of Police Colin Greenwood of the West Yorkshire Constabulary, (Rtd) , in a report to Parliament tells of flying to Australia for an international conference of Criminologists. Everyone before his scheduled speaking time was high on the myriad virtues of gun control, so the Inspector scrapped his prepared notes and, stepping to the podium asked the hall full of criminologists if they knew of a single case in which gun controls had reduced crime rates, made anyone safer, or done anything else a sane person would consider “good.” No one did.

Inspector of Police Greenwood’s question is the key question about gun control.

The most important, or key, question about gun control is the same one Consumer Reports is based on. How good is it? What were the results? How many lives were saved. A half century of work has revealed 57,569 restrictive gun laws – but not a single instance in which crime has fallen, lives have been saved, or that most common reason for gun controls, politicians fear of assassination, has been made less.

Instead, we have 57,569 abject failures, with the amount of increase in crime dependent on the initial crime rates, the severity of the law, and the severity of enforcement.

But there is another factor to be taken into consideration. The intent of those who impose, or would impose if they could, restrictive gun laws. Many of those who would impose gun controls see that as a necessary precursor to absolute political control of a country, just as Stalin imposed gun control on the USSR’s people before he began the brutal campaigns to terrorize the people into submission.

Many of those campaigns involved forced starvation, such as the Ukranian Holodomor:

Can we trust those like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and the other Oligarchs funding gun control not to seize power from a disarmed people and repeat Stalin’s reigh of horror? Hitlers? Pol Pot’s?

No we cannot. You may thing “It cannot happen here,” but it did, and given the opportunity, it will happen again. The latest count of people who have been disarmed and then murdered by their own government stands at more than 262,000,000 with more being dug up every day.


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