The Mises Institure: “Gun Controls Have Failed In America:

The respected Ludwig von Mises Institute has released a very interesting report concluding that gun control has failed in America.

While I have a few minor quibbles,about using unreliable official data in places and the fact gun control has failed as badly in Europe as in the Untied States,Canada and Mexico, the study is well done, the report is accurate, and it is well wroth a read and a bookmark for your next Letter To an Editor.

Click on over and be better informed for the battles ahead. The Alley will be here when you click back.

And incidentally, the chart below is taken from a University of Padua study titled, in Italian, “Reversal of Misfortune,” the decline of crime in the United States as crime in Europe rose:”

The scale has been compressed to accommodate the huge increase in British crime rates after the Dunblane massacre inspired gun ban,but shows precisely the same decline in violent crime the Alley’s chart at the bottom shows:


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