The Media Discovers Antifa Is Fascism

I see Don Surber Don Surber has is
roasting those who discovere “Antifa is Nazis.

Actually, they are not Nazis, they are Fascists, betrayed by our woefully inadequate educational system.

And they always have been. Antif is funded, according to Antifa,by George Soros, who was late with the paychecks. Soros professes something called an “Open Society,” described by a Dutch guy much influenced by Ad Hitler, who was an adherent of Benito Mussolini’s “Fascism.”

Mussolini was a Socialist newspaper editor who was trying to sell Italy on Communism and having a tough sell. Beny looked at the objections, stripped out the “end of private property” clause Karl Marx insisted on, and Fascism was born. “Socialism bu Socialism as you have never seen it,” was Mussolini’s big selling point – and it sold like ice water on a 110 degree day.

Hitler promptly grabbed the Fascist creed, promising free food, free housing, free clotingh, free health care, free vacations, and later a “Peoples Car” in every driveway. And yes, it brings tghe rubes in – and there is no greater rube than a billionaire know-it-all. A high binder who looks at Fascism’s Cartel system, which protects businesses from competiton, and says “How wonderful, I will buy that.”

Just as the deluded who thing that free food, clothing, housing, and health care, libraries, sporting events, and a Vdub in every driveway fooled a different set of rubes, the self styled “elites” who think they are good enough deserve all the freebies.

To give credit where credit is the initial crop of Fascist leaders at least tried to make castles in air solid masonry. Mussolini “suggested” trains run on time – and backed the suggestion with bayonet toting soldiers, and by golly the trains ran on time. And Ad Hitler actually provided some free health care. Until other people’s money ran out.

And,if you pay attention, Antifa is a self described “Anarchist-Communist organization supposedly opposed to the guy who pays the bill’s politics. Which is hogwash.


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