The Lesson Of Georgia 6

If any of the 2017 special elections that have a lesson or six for our community, it should be the last Tuesday’s runoff in the Sixth Congressional District of Georgia.

For a little background, there are 435 Congressional Districts, and in theory each district will have approximately 730,000 residents, of whom approximately 500,000 will be of voting age.

The ANTI’s came in and reportedly poured a staggering $25,000,000, o r$100.00 a voter, into getting their “I love the Ssecond Amendment but as soon as I get to Washington I will destroy it” elected.

The Republican candidate, Karen Handel, had only a fraction of the Ossoff campaign’s resources. As a result, the pubids predicted a shoo-in for Ossoff.

Ballotopedia has the details here, but essentially, we came out and voted.

The turnout was in line with regulr “First Tuesday of November” Federal elections, about 55 percent of registered voters voted. The ANTI’s cannot claim a light turnout biased the results.

Ossoff got about 48.5 percent of the vote, but Handel, our friend Karen Handel, got more than 51 percent. Because,despite the huge investment in Ossoff, the shooting community came out and voted.

So Karen Handel goes to Washington promising to uphold our gun rights – and Jon Ossoff promises to be back, even better funded next time.

We could, and should, do that a lot. Of the 435 Congressional Districts, there are only about 116 where our community is not in the majority. 116, or even 125, ANTI’s in the House do not have much opportunity to pass gun ban bills and promote their brand of end game Socialism.220 do.

The key lesson is simple enough. If we vote, we win 75 to 80 percent of the time.

With what is at stake in the parlous times, Every American gun owner needs to set aside time over the next eight years to vote every time the polls open.

And that is the most important lesson of all from Georgia 6.


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