The Left’s New Heroine, And Anti Gun Activist

The PJ Tatler’s Bryan Preston notes that Texas’ abortion activist and candidate for Governor Wendy Davis is also an anti-gun activist.

Which puts Davis in the same category as former Colorado State Senator Angela Giron (ANTI-Planned Parenthood). Of course, the anti’s are hoping Bloomberg and the other anti-gun fat cats are going to put up the big bux to put Davis in the Governors Mansion.

In rooms once occupied by the likes of The Raven, Sam Houston; Richard Hibbard; the whimsical Jim Hogg (and Ima), Beauford Jester whose unheralded work in alleviating human misery in the aftermath of the Texas City disaster is worthy of note; among 40 odd others.

The gun laws Wendy Davis would cripple or kill have cut Texas’ homicide rate from 15.3 per 100,000 to just 4.4. The guns that Wendy Davis hates have cut Texas violent crime rates from 840.1 to 408.5 per 100,000 population.

But Davis wants to go backwards, to the restrictive gun laws that drove Texas violent crime rates sky high. That may play well among the funders and bundlers of the Democratic Party. I seriously doubt that it is going to play well among Texans.


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One Response to The Left’s New Heroine, And Anti Gun Activist

  1. Doramin says:

    Isn’t it obvious? Texas ain’t “big” enough for her. Ms. Wendy has no illusions of being able to win the governorship. No siree, she’s whomping up (yet more) nationwide publicity to impress “the funders and bundlers of the Democratic Party” to seek her true destiny inside Planet Beltway as a big cheese on K-street or a cabinet position at 1600 Penn.

    Just like former KS guv Kathleen Sibelius–now HHS Death Panel Mistress.

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