The Las Vegas Killer Once Got A Traffic Ticket

Stephen Paddock, retired accountant, 64, divorced, no children, reputedly wealthy, high stakes gambler. A search of local, State and Federal records indicate a couple of “citations,” traffic tickets, probably for getting in a hurry. And no record of mental illness.

Stephen Paddock, a wealthy accumulator of fully automatic rifles. Just like other wealthy gn collectors.

Gun collectors who do NOT set a record for murder that rivals Norwegian Anders Beehring Brevik, who shot more than 70 to death in one of the most strictly regulated environments on Earth. Before Brevity could buy a gun, he had to be amember of a gun club for a year, and be recommended by fellow club members.

We do not yet know why Stephen Paddock murdered 59 and wounded 527, with an illegally converted Sport Utility Rifle. Why?? We do not know.

An autopsy may reveal a reason, since brain tumors have been known to change victim’s behavior. and Paddock may not have been wealthy enough to pay off his debts. Or, alternately, he may have been at the point he felt life was worthless and wanted to leave an evil mark instead of no mark on the world.

Until we know why Paddock behaved as he did, we have no basis to judge him. But we have plenty of basis to condemn his violence.


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Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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4 Responses to The Las Vegas Killer Once Got A Traffic Ticket

  1. BillT says:

    As it has been said many times, many places; Full auto weapons, short rifles, pistols with shoulder stocks, sound suppressors (Silencers), are NOT illegal but are the most highly regulated weapons in the U. S. All it takes is a $200 tax stamp and a background check per weapon. Even in the most tightly regulated places it is possible to get a weapon in and use it. The biggest problem in smuggling it in. After that you have a “Free Fire Zone” with no one to stop you until armed authorities arrive and you are dead. Usually, the active shooter takes his own life. It is extremely rare for one of them to survive the incident.

  2. BillT says:

    Correction-“The biggest problem IS smuggling it in”

  3. Stranger says:

    Hi Bill. Personally, when James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights the definition of “Arms” included “all such ars aas are charged with (gun) powder. The tiniest pistol is charged with gunpowder, as is the largest cannon. This is precisely the definition dictionary writer Noah Webster included in his dictionary: “Armes are such weapons as are charged with powder, and the appurtenances thereto.

    Sp a powder horm os am “arm,” as is a patch knife, in addition to any bladed weapon up to and including a sword. As is a machine gun, an assault rifle, and any other weapon charged with gun powder, and Americans have a Constitutional right to keep and to bear arms.

    Although I for one would like to see the man who can “bear” a howitzer. I would likely be very careful about shaking his hand, though.


  4. Stranger says:

    Smuggling it in would not be half the problem some yokel who has nver been outside New York City who insists no one needs more than one gun.


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