The LA Times Asks what Is “So Sweeping”

The LA Times says it wants to know “what is so swweeping about background checks and assault weapons bans.”

I am sure they do not, because the rag’s history as a gun banner goes back to November 30, 1963.

While the question is rhetorical, a vehicle for another gun ban screed, the answers are reasonably important.

On background checks, IF current Federal law keeping background checks form becoming a gun owners registration scheme were followed, very little. Unfortunately, Unfortunately it has become clear that the law is not being followed, and at least up to January 20, 2017 our government was compiling a second, centralized, registry of gun owners.

This has greatly eroded the reputation of the FBI, and laid the groundwork for a democide, similar to the Armenian genocide, Holodomor, Holocaust, Pol Pot’s democide, and that have claimed more than 265 million innocent lives.

However, the LA times wants “Universal background cgecjs” requiring individual buyers and sellers to undergo background checks, registering both in the Federal NICS system. Besides the evils deriving from universal gun owner registration, there are a number of objections:

1.) The assumption is that criminals will opey the law and undergo a background check when they make a private purchase. That is so obviously untrue that I will not discuss it.

2.) It assumes two honest collectors will under drive into town and have a background check performed. And if one ffails the background check – the transfer will not proceed. Again, that is so absurd it needs no discussion.

3.) give points 1 and 2, it should be obvious that the law is unenforceable and those advocating UBC’s have some other motive in mnd.

5.) Taking former Attorney General Loretta Lynch at her word, that intent is to get a paper trail, a gun owner registration, on every gun owner in the United States. Such lists have been used to round up people for democidal campaigns against a government’s own subjects, such as Armenian genocide, the Holodomor, and the Holocaust.

4.)) As a crime fighting tool, universal background checks are counterproductive. They send crime rates soaring, just as every other gun control law or campaign in history has. The campaign for UBC’s and other restrictive gun laws has sent the U.S. Murder rate up 14 percent, and threatens to reach 20 percent this year.

While there are a number of less serious problems with UBC’s, they can wait for another day.

It is true that you can buy an assault rifle in LA. To do so legally, one must pay a $200 “transfer tax,” undergo a rigorous background check, and wait of months or possibly years for permission, and then pay an exorbitant price.

However, the LA Times is two hours from Tijuana, Where fully automatic assault rifles are available with the money and an underworld contact. But in Los Angeles, one must pay a $200 transfer tax, undergo an intense background check, and pay an exorbitant price for an assault rifle.

Given the difficulty of buying legally compared to the ease of purchasing illegally, thee is small reason to ban assault rifles, which are rearely used in any form of crime.

Military styled Sprot Utility Rifles, condemned because they “look military” are not assault rifles.” The ARmalite pattern 15, or AR-15, has been satisfying the public’s need for a tough rifle for varmint control and small game hunting for a half century. In a typical year – and media publicity has made typical years scarce – AR pattern SUR’s are America’s most popular SWAT Team rifle, used in less than 40 murders a year.

In that period, More than 30,000,000 such rifles have been sold. In that time, the SUR has become American’s favorite utility and the second most popular home defense firearm. For the number of SUR’s in use, their use in crime is remarkably rare.

In 202, the last year before Bloomberg’s gun control campaign began inflating the crime totals, rifles of all osrts were used in 298 out of a total of 12,999 man killings.

In 2016, rifles were used in 374 of 15.070 homicides. Of those, civilian deaths from an SUR has never topped 100 in a single year even when you include those killed in police shootings.

Clearly, banning the 30 million AR, AK, and other pattern military style Sport Utility Rifles will not make the public significantly safer.

But on the other hand, 11,004 firearm facilitated homicides were reported to the FBI in 2016. Of those, at least 9,266 were committed with stolen guns, trafficked from State to State, and sold for pennies on the dollar.

The LA Times can reach all it wants about “assault rifles” bout our real problem is stolen and trafficked firearms.

And, since the criminal underworld already has a 300 to 500 year supply of those guns on hand, gun confiscation will not provide any benefit for people now alive.

So the bottom line is obvious. The LA Times and its ilk’s propagandizing in support of Bloomberg’s gun ban campaign is a major obstacle to bringing down crime numbers and rates.

If the media cannot advocate measures that have not failed thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands, of times, they should at least have the decency to get out of the way and let us do what we were doing before Bloomberg came along.

Cutting crime, one counterproductive gun law at a time.


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