The Idiocy Starts Up Again

A Hake News Gotham satellite says one of the usual suspects, David Cicilline (ANTI-RI) is drafting a bill to ban devices that make rifles into fully automatic devices, including bump stocks, and other devices.

This after a horrible crime facilitated by a device you could probably put four of in a matchbox.

A piece of metal any machine ship could turn ut a half dozen an hour, and that goes for up to $1,000 each on the black market. Yeah, sure. David Cicilline is going to lock the barn after the horse is stolen. Not.

But the signal is clear enoguh. The Democrats plan to make a 2017 ffight of gun control. One would think they would have learned something from the effect their 2013 effort to ban guns had on the 2014 elections.

There are 47 Democrats in the Senate, and 25 of those were elected in 2012. In 2014, Democrats won 10 seats, 2 with the help of their election fraud machine, and 8 in ANTI-Party strongholds such as Massachusetts. And 12 of 33 elections in 2016 is nothing to write home about either.

Well, if they want a fight, that’s all we have done these last 60 years, and it makes our job, getting effective control of Congress, that much easier.


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