The Hill: “Congress Should Force The States To Respect Gun Rights”

The Hill is running an item by By David Kopel and Joseph Greenlee, both of whom have done their homework, and know why gun rights should be enforced by the Federal government.

there is a very simple reason why Congress should defend the Constitution and force the States to observe citizens gun rights. This is a chart,, in this case charting the increase in the two most common violent crimes, robbery and “aggravaed assault,” which is an assault with intent to kill or inflict grievous bodily harm.”

The “trace” can only go p, down, or sideways. it cannot fall through the paper the chart is printed on and escape, nor can it jump off the paper and give you a black eye as it leaps out the window. It can only rise, denoting more violent crime, fall denoting less violent crime, or move horizontally, denoting “no change.”

Without exception, the charts after the inception of a gun control campaign or the imposition of a gun control law have risen. And they have risin in proportion to th eseverity of the laws and the level of enforcement.

As I have explained elsewhere, it takes only 20 rising crime or murder failures to prove to scientific certainty, a million to one probability, that the next gun control law, or the next thousand, ten thousand, 100,000 or one million such laws will drive violent crime or murder rates skyward. But we have more than 20 failed gun laws. We have 57,789 failed gun laws. 58,789 failed gun laws.

You can see the effects of gun control campaigns, starting in 1964, made worse by State gun controls put in place during 1968, and Federal gun laws beginning in 19667; followed by another gun ban campaign from 1987 to the present.

A massive relaxation of restrictive gun laws, beginning in 1993 and continuing through 19998. At that point, opposition to further loosening of gun laws increased, with massive amounts of money injected into local attempts to tighten gun laws and drive violent crime rates skyward.

In 2013, Billionaire and former New York City mayor Micheael Bloomberg pledged up to one billion dollars to impose gun controls. The resutlls of that pledge are shown in red:

Obvouslly, restrictive gun laws drive crime and murder rates up, relaxed gun laws suppress violent crime and murder totals.

Which makes preemption of all State and local gun restrictions a very good thing to do. But merelly passing preemption is not enough. Gun ban fanatics have a record of refusing to comply with laws – which puts them on the same level as the criminals their restrictions protect.

To be effective, there must be a penalty in line with gravity of the crime, for a minimum of $100,000 a day for failing to comply with Federal law, or for attempting to craft a law to evade preemption. A fine that must be [aod by the official who refuses to comply. An individual like California’s Mooneam Brown, who never saw a gun control law he did not embrace.

A properly drawn Federal preemption would give Americans back their gun rights, and their right to live in a relativeliy loc crime society.

We have had gun control campaigns for exa ctliy 19760 days. The results wwe can see on more than 1,000 charts detailing th ebloody results of gun cotnrl. It is time for a change.


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