The Guardian Puts In It’s Tuppence On Obama Rule “Rollback”

A British tabloid, the Guardian, which will not even examine the results of the series of bloody failures that comprise the U.K’s gun controls, says science is on the side of the National Rifle Association on repealing the Obama fiat that makes every gun owner drawing d a Social Security disability check “mentally ill.”

here in the real world, where gun controls send violent crime rates soaring, science has always been on the side of those opposed to restrictive gun laws. In the 521 year history of such laws, not even one restrictive gun law has made anyone safer, reduced the incidence of crime, or lowered the incidence of political assassinations.

Not even one. And a law denying a man his right to own a gun collection because he lost his sight in an automobile accident is no different. Given that history, those who continue to support laws that, as in England, send violent crime rates soaring, cannot be described as compentent6 witnesses. The more so since the Guardian refuses to discuss the contradiction between claims of declining crime rates in the U.K. and official charts showing virtually every form of crime rising, and violent crime rising at a rate of one percent every 14 days:

The fact is simple, British gun laws have increased violent crime so much that London Police take as many violent crime reports every 9 hours as they took in all of 1919, the year Prim Minister David Lloyd George imposed gun controls on the most crime free nation in the world.

And the Guardian wants to stay silent about England’s gun laws, while urging Americans’ to go down that same catastrophic path.


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